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What is my Goal?

A good start is to set a realistic goal. What do I want to achieve during the next three months and what then thereafter?

It varies what kind of goal is wanted. From a health assessment the goal will be a BMI of 25 – corresponding to normal weight.

With our current knowledge a realistic goal for a two-year plan is:

Weight loss of 10% over 6 months

Maintaining this for 6 months

Weight loss to ideal weight over 6 months

Maintaining this for 6 months

If you weigh 100 kg and is 1,80 metres tall, your goal is 10 kg over the first 6 months. Your final goal for an ideal weight that leads to a BMI of 25 can be calculated in the following way:

Your ideal weight = 25 * your height in metres * your height in metres. If you are 1,8 metres tall your ideal weight = 25 * 1,8 * 1,8 = 81 kg.

You weighed 100kg and lost 10 kg in the first year and therefore you need to lose 9 kg more to reach your ideal weight. That could be the goal for the following year.

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