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Itchy rash

By Bjarne Lühr Hansen PhD, MD and Philipp Skafte-Holm MD, Mentor Institute

Itchy rashes are frequent and have many different causes. The most common skin diseases with itchy rash are eczema, hives and insect stings. Hives and reaction to insect bites are benign skin diseases that can be treated with anti-cleansing antihistamines. Eczema is treated with adrenocortical hormone cream, which the doctor can prescribe.

Rash is the most common disease in the skin and has many different causes. An itchy rash is seen in childhood eczema, mumps, insect stings, scabies, hives and as a side effect to medicine. 

Child-eczema is an itchy rash in children under 5 years of age. It is seen especially in the face and on the arms. The child may occasionally have dry itchy skin and in other periods red, fluid and itchy skin. Most children grow from the disease. 

Hand eczema may be due to allergy (e.g., to nickel) or local irritation (e.g. water and soap by frequent wash). The rash is red, itchy with blisters and dandruff. 

Insect bites can give itchy spots where the insect has stung. It is usually a local reaction to some irritants as the insect sprains into the skin and very rarely on allergies. Typically, one or more itchy spots are seen in a group. 

Scabies is due to a mite that dug into the skin. At night, the mite moves, and it scratches. The mites are often seen on fingers and wrists. In addition to scratch marks after itching, the skin looks normal. 

Nettle rash are an allergic reaction in the skin. When burning on stinging nettles, red, raised areas of the skin - called nettles, arise. This also shows nettle fever - it does not hurt but it scratches. The individual nettles usually disappear after 24 hours, but new nettles will appear elsewhere on the skin. Most cases of nettle rash are over within 1 week. Medicine, nuts, chocolate and virus infections are some of the things that can trigger nettle rash. 

Side effects to medicine may show off a strong itchy rash - there may be nettle rash or red bumps throughout the body. Antibiotics, arthritis and diuretic medicine often give an itchy rash.


What can you do?

Check if there are sting marks in the red itchy spots. Insect bites need no treatment. The itch can be relieved by antipruritic medicines bought over the counter.
Nettle rash can be treated with antihistamines, which can be bought over the counter.

Contact the doctor tomorrow

If the itching is not diminished by antipruritic medicines bought over the counter.
If you suspect scabies or eczema. Your doctor may prescribe some medicine.


Contact the doctor immediately

In the rare cases where nettle rash develops with swelling of the face and difficulty breathing.