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Sore neck

Dolores lumbar (Latin name)

By Bjarne Lühr Hansen PhD, MD and Philipp Skafte-Holm MD, Mentor Institute

Neck pain is very frequent. The pain usually disappears by itself. If you while you have a sore neck also have pain in an arm may be signs of a herniated disc. By fever and confusion, you must suspect meningitis. Contact your doctor immediately by neck pain, fever and confusion or paralysis of the arm.

Sore neck is very frequent and disappear in most cases by itself. Sore neck may be due to stiff neck, neck infiltration, damage by accident, slipped and osteoarthritis. If you, in addition to pain in the neck has a fever and is confused it may be meningitis. 

Crick in the neck
Most have tried to get a crick in the neck. A strained neck can give pains in their neck and you can not turn your head to one side. A crick in the neck is caused by a wrong twist of the neck or deep sleep in an awkward position. The pain and stiffness disappears within a few days. 

Neck infiltration
Tension in the neck muscles can cause neck pain and tension headaches. Poor posture, impaired vision, stress and overload can cause sore muscles. The pain will disappear by itself and can be remedied with neck exercises and painkilling over the counter medicines. 

Injury after accident
Accident involving a rear impact, the head first thrown forward and then backwards can cause a whiplash injury. Most have short-term pain in the neck immediately after the accident. Some have pain, stiffness and headache several days after the accident. Quite a few are plagued by long-term discomfort. 

Herniated disc
The spine is composed of square blocks on top of each other with a cushion in between the pads. In central spine runs nervous system, which sends nerve fibres out to the arms. If the buffer is damaged, they press on the nerve fibres and there is a herniated disk. When it does occur there is pain, paralysis and loss of sensation in the arm. 

Osteoarthritis in the neck wear can lead to the jamming of the nerve fibres in the same way as with a herniated disc. The symptoms are also the same. 

Meningitis is a serious infection that can show with neck pain, fever, rash and confusion

What can you do?

Most neck pain, you can deal with by using painkilling medication bought over the counter. If the pain is caused by an accident or congestion, you should keep yourself calm.

Contact the doctor tomorrow

By continuing neck pain after using painkillers.
When neck pain occurs after an accident.
By neck pain and fever.
By neck pain and paralysis of the arms.


Contact the doctor immediately

By fever, stiff neck and neck pain.
By neck pain and paralysis of the arm.