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Assessment of the sick – (the general condition)

The general condition is important no matter what symptoms you have, or what is wrong.

Along with the symptoms, the general condition tells how sick you are.

If you suspect a fever, it is important to take the temperature.

The temperature does not say so much in itself but is important together with the general condition.


Signs of poor general condition 

  • Altered awareness - unclear or confused

  • Cold and clammy skin

  • Dry mucous membranes and no or scanty urination

  • Difficult or rapid breathing

  • Bluish lips and fingernails - sallow colour

  • Neck stiffness - cannot look down on his belly button 

If there is just one of those bad signs, you should call your doctor immediately. 

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Signs of good general condition 

  • Awake, alert and oriented in time, place and own data

  • Hot and dry skin

  • Moist mucous membranes and more urination

  • Normal breathing

  • Good colour

  • Not neck stiff 

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