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There will always be some secrete or discharge from your vagina; it is natural and should not be treated. On the contrary, you discharge protects your vagina from harmful bacteria and fungi.

However, in Denmark alone, more than 200.000 women seek help with their doctor every year because they are bothered by discharged from the vagina. The discharge can be a bother because of increased amount, bad smell, and strange colour or because it is lumpy. At the same time, some are bothered by itching or smarting, especially around the entrance to the vagina.

There is not reason to walk around and be bothered by discharge from the vagina for years. Far most women who are bothered by discharge from the vagina can be helped. You can do a lot yourself to lessen the nuisances and the doctor can help you. If you know what is the cause of your bothering discharge, you can choose the correct treatment. The purpose of this article is to help you do something about your discharge. Knowledge about why your discharge bothers you and what can be done about it will help you.

Discharge – what can I do? Is divided into three sections:

  1. Introduction
    Tells you why you have discharge and why it sometimes can be bothering.

  2. Treatment at home
    Tells you what you can do yourself to fight bothering discharge and when you should seek a doctor.

  3. Treatment with the doctor
    Tells you how the doctor can help you.
    Knowledge about why discharge is a nuisance and what you and your doctor can do to help you.

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