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In the entire western world there is talks about an obesity epidemic because more and more are overweight. In the USA approximately 1 in every 3 adults is overweight and it is not much better with the young people – 1 in every 5 teenagers are overweight.

Being overweight is not just a personal but also a health problem. Overweight people have great risk of contracting diabetes, thromboses, osteoarthritis and cancer. And you can die because of overweight. People with severe overweight, obesity, have a mortality that is twice as big as normal weight people.

A 40-year-old obese man loses 7 years of his live and a 40-year-old obese woman loses 6 years.

The cause of overweight is not just wrong habits. Hereditary conditions also play a big role. We all know persons who never exercise and eat (almost) whatever they want without becoming overweight. While others practically only has to walk past a bakery to gain weight. It is unfair, but that is the way it is!

Treatment of overweight consists of a change un diet, more exercise, medication and in rare cases surgical treatment. A healthier lifestyle leads to weight loss and protects you from some of the most common and serious illnesses.

Scientific examinations have shown that a changed lifestyle combined with medication – over 6 months – can lead to weight loss of up to 10% of you body weight. A goal for you who is overweight could therefore be a weight loss of 10%. It is important to set a personal goal for how much weight you want to lose.

Your goals can be reached alone or in cooperation with your general practitioner. It is crucial to change your habits to achieve a lasting weight loss. The doctor can advise you. However, ultimately it is your own attitude that is crucial for the result.

The newest research has led to a more nuanced image of overweight but the headline is still:

Exercise more and change your dietary habits.
There is some people who perceive themselves as overweight for cosmetic reasons but who are normal weight from a medical viewpoint. Their overweight does not lead to increased sickliness or mortality. This article is only about overweight in the medicinal sense. This means overweight that can cause illnesses or death, i.e. obesity.

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