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How much should I exercise?

If you have not previously exercised a lot you should not start out with running five kilometres. You have to build it slowly. Therefore, you should start out nice and easy. Even smaller walks can be beneficial if you do it on a daily basis. Make exercise a part of your daily life by for example taking the stairs instead of the elevator and bicycling to work.

People with a tendency towards overweight should preferably reach 45-60 minutes daily exercise for effectively keeping the weight down. You can easily exercises in a good way. There are many alternatives to running or sweating in a fitness centre if you do not like that. If you want to, it does not matter whether you run, bicycle, swim, play ball or lift weights. The most important things is that you really exercise and that you work your way forward, nice and easy, learn to like it and build it in as a good habit.

Studies show that at least 30 minutes of hard physical activity on a daily basis has a very beneficial effect. Exercise has several positive effects – aside from weight loss. It is well known that increased exercise can prevent and be part of the treatment for a number of diseases and thereby contribute to good health and a longer life. This is true both for over weight and normal weight people. Studies have shown that increased exercise gives a longer and better life.

Your risk of having diabetes, thromboses, cancer and brittle-bone disease is significantly reduced if you exercise regularly. However, also your mood and your potency is improved. Increased exercise counteract sadness, depression and can improve your sex life.

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