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Diet Journal

A diet journal is recommended as a means to losing weight and maintaining it. A diet journal is a sort of journal where you note down every single crumb and sip you consume.

The Journal serves several healthy purposes, among others increased attention to diet and exercising habit and self-control. You become more attentive to what and how much you eat and it becomes harder to repress that you ate an extra piece of cake. The diet journal functions as a sort of extra consciousness that forces you to be completely honest and accountable for your own good intentions.

A diet journal is a good tool for dieticians, doctors and nurses when they advise you on changing your lifestyle for you to not suffer from great wants. Some also benefit from noting their mood, energy and how they slept daily in the diet journal. These information can provide knowledge about what is good for you to eat. It is more joyful to have a diet journal than following tight diets and plans with a lot of restrictions.

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