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Involuntary childlessness can be connected to emotions like lack in confidence (is anything wrong with me as a man or a woman?) and guilt (is it my fault?). That kind of negative emotions can lead to anger and allegations directed towards the partner. Therefore, involuntary childlessness is a big challenge for most couples.

Many do not seek help despite the wish for a child. You may feel inadequate because you are unable to perform the most basic function of life – reproduction. Nothing is more wrong. Of course examination and treatment have costs but there are good results. Far most involuntary childless can be successfully treated.

The purpose of this article is to make it easier for you who want a child and has not yet been successful.

The article is divided into three sections:

1. Introduction

Explains how frequent the problem is and what might cause it. It also says what it takes to become pregnant.

2. Treatment at home
Explains what you can do yourselves to solve the problem and when you should seek help from a doctor.

3. What can the doctor do
Explains what the general practitioner, the hospital and the fertility clinic can do.
Knowledge about what causes involuntary childlessness and what you yourselves or the doctor can do can help you.

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