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How to Treat Overweight?

If it were easy to lose weight, there probably would not be so many with so many different advice. Offers for overweight people are extreme. Numerous books are sold about diets, and diet clubs and fitness centres are started. The health care system educates dieticians, develops diets and offers exercise on prescription. Everyone wants the same thing: create a lasting weight loss.

Weight loss demands changing of habits – diet and exercise.

Studies have show that dietary treatment can lead to weight loss of up to 0,5-1 kg pr. Week and typically 4-10 kg after 3-4 months. Increased physical activity or starting doing exercise is difficult to complete for obese people and increased exercise often only brings a modest weight loss. However, if you combine diet with regular exercise you achieve an extra weight loss of 1-2 kg over 3-4 months.

The combination of diet and exercise lead to a total weight loss of 8-12 kg over 6 months. After those 6 months, most people can keep the weight somewhat stable. However, following up after longer time – after 2 years – far most of them who lost weight weighs the same or more than what they started with.

It looks as though a lasting weight loss is only achievable by lasting change of habits. Previously overweight people are immediately punished if they fall back on their old habits. As it looks – right now, year 2013 – this is not about to change:

Lasting weight loss requires

Lasting good habits

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