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Diabetes - Too low blood sugar

Hypoglycaemia (Latin name)

By Bjarne Lühr Hansen PhD, MD and Philipp Skafte-Holm MD, Mentor Institute

If you are in medical treatment for diabetes, your blood sugar may become too low. The first signs of low blood sugar are called sensation. When the blood sugar is low enough, you get confused, rattling and eventually losing your consciousness. Treatment is food and liquid with sugar.

Too low blood sugar is a known complication for the medical treatment of diabetes. Medicine against diabetes is aimed at lowering the blood sugar. However, if you get too much medicine, your blood sugar gets too low. Especially in patients treated with insulin are at risk. But also, those who are treated with tablets for their diabetes may get too low blood sugar.

The blood sugar also depends on how much sugar you consume and how much you "burn off" when you are physically active. Blood sugar can therefore be too low if for some reason you do not eat food - for example, if you have a stomach infection with nausea and vomiting. If you run a marathon without consuming extra sugar, your blood sugar may also become too low. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels.

If you drink alcohol, your blood sugar may become too low. Symptoms of low blood sugar depend on how low your blood sugar is. Sugar in the blood is necessary for the brain to function normally. If your blood sugar is low enough, the sick becomes confused, rattling and finally unconscious. Most people with diabetes mellitus can feel that the blood sugar level is low before the brain's function is affected - it is called sensation.

Sensation is felt like an inner turmoil, the shaking of the hands, palpitations, increased sweat and hunger sensation.

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There are medicines for low blood sugar (Glucagon) that must be injected subcutaneous. It can be used by relatives if the blood sugar is so low that the sick can not drink or eat.

What can you do?

Measure your blood sugar regularly and immediately if you feel a sensation. If you plan hard physical activity, you should eat some extra food. Beware of alcohol - it lowers your blood sugar - also the following day. If you are ill and can not eat so much, you should measure your blood sugar more often than usual.
If you feel signs of feeling, you should immediately eat some grape sugar or drink a glass of soda. Afterwards you have to eat some real food so that blood sugar stays up. 

Contact the doctor tomorrow

If you have had a sensation. You may need to change your medical treatment.

Contact the doctor immediately

If your blood sugar is low and you can not drink or eat anything. If the sick is confused, aggressive or unconscious.