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Paralysis – acute break out

Nervorum resolutions (Latin name)

By Bjarne Lühr Hansen PhD, MD and Philipp Skafte-Holm MD, Mentor Institute

An acute paralysis is a serious and life-threatening condition due to failure of our nervous system. The cause can be a blood clot, an infection or a tumor in the brain. You should always contact your doctor immediately for emergency paralysis.

A sudden paralysis of a leg, arm or face is always due to failure of our nervous system - and usually failure of the brain. The reason that the brain fails may be a blood clot, a bleeding, a tumor or brain infection. 

The most common cause of acute paralysis is a blood clot in the brain. The term "blood clot in the brain" covers both a real blood clot and a bleeding in the brain. In either case, the blood supply fails to part of the brain and paralysis occurs.

A blood clot in the brain can be removed - either by means of a solution that dissolves the blood clot or mechanically. To prevent permanent damage to the brain, remove the blood clot as soon as possible - every minute counts. 

Various infectious diseases can cause paralysis. The most well-known is the tick bite infection, but also meningitis and cerebral inflammation can cause paralysis. 

A tumor in the brain can also cause paralysis, as the tumor can damage the nerve supply to the arms, legs or face.

What can you do?

Always consult your doctor immediately.


Contact the doctor tomorrow

You should always contact your doctor immediately.

Contact the doctor immediately

In case of acute paralysis. In case of acute paralysis, you should get to the hospital as soon as possible and have a scan. A scan of the brain can determine what the cause is and how it should be treated.