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Side Effects

Medication without side effects do not exist. The most important is how frequent the side effects occur and how serious they are. The methods can be divided in the following way:

No side effects: Disconnected intercourse and safe periods.

  • Few side effects, but not serious: Condom, diaphragm and male sterilisation
  • Frequent side effects but not serious: Spermicidal foam, mini-pills, contraceptive implant and coil
  • Few side effects and a few serious: Contraceptive pills, female sterilisation, vaginal ring and contraceptive patch.

Under the sections of the individual methods you can read about which side effect the different methods have.

The risk of having a sexually transmitted disease.
Sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, AIDS, Herpes, Condylomas, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis) transmit through intercourse. The many different partners you have, the greater are your risk therefore of having a sexually transmitted disease.

Condom is particularly suitable if you wan to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. This makes the method particularly suitable for people with changing and unknown partners. The method is also particularly suitable for teenagers where a long time may pass in between every intercourse and where changing partners are common.

A combination of condom and contraceptive pills/coil is recommended if you are not in a steady relationship. Thereby you achieve safe protection against sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy.

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