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The modern human has a great need for being able to plan its life in detail. This is also true for when you want children. The wish for family planning in combination with the medicinal development has meant that the majority of pregnancies in most developed countries are planned. As a female politician put it: ‘Modern women have children because they want them’.

However, far from everyone have it like that. The total number of abortions have only fallen slightly over the past 30 years and 25% of all pregnancies still end with an abortion.

For women under 25 the number of abortions has risen. The average age during the first intercourse is 16 years, but a lot of young people begin already when they are 14. Experience shows that especially the very young are bad at protecting themselves. One in every ten does not use any protection during the first intercourse and only half uses protection at every intercourse.

It is very difficult to choose between an abortion and going through with an unwanted pregnancy. The most common causes for choosing abortion are ongoing education, the wish for not having more children and problem in your relationship. However, nu matter how good reasons you may have, the choice of abortion is connected to costs. An abortion is not without risk for your body and in addition to this are the psychological problems that can follow making the decision.

The causes for women becoming unwantedly pregnant fall into three equally large categories.

  • With 1/3 the method was used correctly but did not work (burst condom, ineffective contraceptive pill or ineffective coil)
  • With 1/3 the method was not used correctly (forgotten contraceptive pill, did not use a condom during the entire intercourse)
  • With 1/3 no method was used at all

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