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Can I feel whether my Blood Pressure is too high?

No, probably not.

Far most people do not feel that their blood pressure is too high. A few complain about headache. Also repeated incidents of nosebleed can be caused by too high blood pressure. However, generally you cannot feel whether your blood pressure is too high.

When you cannot feel that your blood pressure is too high, you do not seek a doctor. Therefore, only half of those with too high blood pressure receive treatment. The other half do not know that their blood pressure is too high and do not feel it either.

A way to handle such a problem is to regularly have your blood pressure measured, for example once a year with your doctor – it may be in connection with a visit to the doctor for a different reason.

You can also have your blood pressure measure other places, for example the pharmacy – but it is safest to have your blood pressure measured with your own doctor.

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