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What about my Sexuality?

Urinary incontinence affect men’s sexuality. A new Danish study have proven that more than half of all men with urinary incontinence also have erection problems and at the same time experience their sex life as being less satisfying. In comparison, only one in every four men without urinary incontinence has the same problems.

The Danish study has documented that urinary incontinence; erection problems and lack of sexual lust go together. The explanation of this connection is both physical and psychological.

Some men have erection trouble because the blood supply or nerve supply to the penis is affected, others because urinary incontinence leads to leads to speculation and worries.

No matter which explanation fits your case, there is help to get. You can do something yourself and your doctor can help you with the erection problem. You can talk to your partner about the problem and the doctor can prescribe medication.

A well-functioning sex life presupposes that the couple cares for each other. Most who lose interest for sex in a marriage is when the couple do not love each other. When one in the relationship has sexual problems, it is no longer sufficient that you love each other – you must also respect each other. This respect must be shown by taking considerations and showing understanding. Preserving a good sex life requires the will to make an effort including talking about the problems.

Men with urinary incontinence may experience that the tip of the penis is more sensitive and downright aching. Here, use of personal lubricant or baby oil can lessen the pain by making the penis sliding into the vagina more easily.

If you and your partner cannot solve the problem yourself, the doctor can help. It may be hard to talk to the doctor about your sexuality and that enhances the problem. However, there are several effective possibilities for treating erection problems with either tablet, injection or lozenge and new products are still coming.

Here are a few good advice for you with urinary incontinence and erection problems:

Use a lubricant or baby oil if the penis hurts during intercourse.

Talk about the problem with your partner and with the doctor

Take medication as prescribed by the doctor

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