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When do We Contact the Doctor?

If you do not succeed in achieving pregnancy after 1 year with regular intercourse, you should contact your general practitioner.

There are exceptions to the 1-year rule. You should be examined at an earlier time if:

The Woman:
Is older than 35 years.
Has irregular menstruations.
Has longer than 35 days between menstruations.
Has had an infection in the abdomen.
Has had surgery in abdomen
Has other known causes for childlessness.

The Man:
Has had illnesses concerning the testicles or the scrotum.
His testicles did not drop until he began attending school.
His testicles are very small or they are of very different size.
Has other known causes for childlessness.

Provided that you have one of the problems listed above, it is a good idea to be examined by a doctor, despite the fact that the childlessness may be of shorter duration.

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